Biohome filter media

Is made entirely from recycled glass and by-product from the natural minerals industry containing trace elements beneficial to bacteria.

Biohome is a totally inert, highly porous matrix structure allowing the natural formation of both aerobic and anaerobic Bacteria.

Fast to start the Nitrogen cycle, normally 21-42 days is the time required for colonisation of Ammonia and Nitrite converting aerobic Bacteria and 4-6 months for the inner non oxygen surfaces to to colonise by anaerobic Nitrate converting Bactria
( flow rate is a major factor in the reduction of Nitrates)

Easy cleaning, unlike plastic media no slime layer is produced because the bacteria recognise the medias natural surface.

Combined with good mechanical pre filtration the media will not clog due to its unique construction, it is a natural matrix of millions of spheres fused together at there points of contact a sphere having the greatest surface area of any shape.

Allows much smaller footprint sized filter due to its high surface area.

Later capacity exists and has been shown to absorb sudden peak change , in effect its self adjusting as the nitrification rate is increased.

Developed by a AQUA-BIO UK Ltd with a proven track record of manufacture of filter media used worldwide for over 20 years in the aquatic industry .

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